Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Painting Frames

One of my favorite blogs did a posting on painting a frame: I had to try it! I was looking for a painting for my dining room, and it had to be cheap! I went off to Goodwill and returned with many things! Besides finding a picture for our dining room, I found 4 other things to paint to put in our newly remodeled bathroom. Again, I wish I had before pictures, but just imagine terribly ugly, and really old wood and that describes these frames. All of them were different wood colors as well. This is how they turned out: (We still haven't hung them up yet!)

This is the one that will go in our newly painted blue-grey dining room. I just covered the picture with tape and newspaper and did two coats of black spray paint. I know you are technically supposed separate the frame from the painting, etc, but who has that kind of time!

These last three will go in our bathroom. I don't know if you can tell, but in the bottom picture, those are two identical mirrors. So all of this for under $30.00! (not including spray paint, which I spent $8.00.)

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