Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spray Painting Recessed Lights

All right! We wanted to replace our recessed lighting in our living room, but we had a hard time finding something we liked. I of course kept saying to my husband, "I could just spray paint these old ones and they would be good as new!" But he thought we should just buy new ones. Well we went to a specialty lighting store and a couple different department stores, and we could not find what we wanted! Either the trim wasn't quite thick enough to cover the hole in the ceiling, or it wasn't the right color. So, Jake gave me permission to give spray painting them a try and see what happened. Here is the before picture:

And here is the after picture:

I sprayed the inside of the lights (which I now realize you can't even really see) with High Heat spray paint. Anyway, we love how they turned out! They complete the living room!


  1. So cute! What a smart way to cover that AWFUL brass:) I love your mantle too... Thanks for stopping by~

  2. awww they look great! What a little spraypaint can do!! I love your mantle too! I have a fake mantle because I really wanted one and we only have a woodstove hahahahah I still love it though!

  3. WOW - what a difference it makes. Everything looks great.

  4. That looks great, especially with your other items on the mantle :)

  5. Wow, that makes such a big difference. Thanks for mentioning the high-heat spray paint. I need to do something about the brassy metal trim around my fireplace- maybe that would work? Nice to "meet" you!