Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

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I have two dilemmas. Ok, I have like a thousand, but I don't want to overwhelm! :)
Here is our dining room.

It is very close to the living room, so I have used black accents to decorate in both rooms. Here is dilemma #1: Should I paint the dining room table? If so, what color? Would it be too dark to do it black? Should I be really brave and do it white? AAHH!! I have no clue!

Here is dilemma #2:

I LOVE our fireplace. It is beautiful! I would love to buy a new fireplace surround to replace that glaringly ugly brass, but we can't afford it right now. My husband thinks that if I try and paint the surround, I will have a hard time making it look "right." He thinks we should just leave it until we can afford a new one. I, on the other hand, think I can do it!! I want to paint it black. Anybody have any input? Has anybody done it? Help me please!!


  1. I say go for painting the table and chairs black. I'm considering doing that with mine, too. Someday. ;-) But I think it would look just fine. As far as the surround...I don't know anything about them but you can paint just about anything. I say go for it!! Good luck!


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  3. Hi there! I just posted about my Pottery Barn knock-off set that I made from hand-me-down chairs and a flea market table. I'm posting specific directions on Friday. The post is here (with pictures of course!)...

    Your fireplace mantle is beautiful! I know I have read about people painting their brass surrounds, so I know it can be done. It may just require a bit of research. If you find good info, share it with your hubby. Maybe he'll get on board with it.

    Thanks for sharing! (visiting from the Serenity Now party)

  4. I say be brave and paint it white or a light feather gray. Holly at life in the fun lane has lots of examples of this. she recently just did a table almost exactly like that one!
    I love the mantle. I know you can paint the brass-there are a few really good sprays like 1-2-3 primer.

  5. Oh, DEFINITELY paint the table and chairs black! It will look gorgeous! I think white would make the whole room look too pale, kind of washed out.

    For the fireplace surround, instead of a stark black I LOVE the spray paint color "oil rubbed bronze". It's beautiful and dark, with just a hint of a bronze/mettalic sheen.

    I think it would match the other colors really well.

  6. I'd totally go for painting your DR set, and then maybe add a "mistreatment" (to quote the Nester) to your big window.

    You CAN paint that surround. I know Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick has done it (if you check her out be sure to tell her I sent you). :) I think you just have to use a special high heat paint.

    I like Xazmin's suggestion of the oil rubbed bronze. That would be pretty! I love the wall color by the fireplace. Very pretty. :)

    Thanks so much for joining the party. Hope you are having fun visiting the other blogs too. :) See you at the next party! ;)

  7. I wouldn't paint the table black - the room seems small and it might make it rather dark - how about a grey or antique white? Also try a tablecloth on the table in the color you want to paint and see what you think.

    Be careful painting the brass - get something that is heat resistant and fireproof!

  8. I say paint the table! Either black or white would be nice! I wish I could paint our table, because if I could I would! hahaha It is Mike's parents.

    And I say paint the fireplace! You definitely need something that will hold up to the high heat. I think black will be perfect!

  9. Paint it all black!

    Really, black table sets are really popular right now (they are a pain to dust, but so striking). You could always just paint the chair backs and legs and the table legs, to give a classic country vibe, then go ll out black if you decide to later on.

    I would either paint the surround (if you can remove it, you could spray paint it with outdoor grill paint), or buy/make a fireplace screen. We have brass on our surround (not quite as much as you) and my parents bought us a screen as an anniversary present last year - it has made a huge impact in the room.


  10. Based on the style of the dining set and the bright color you chose for the walls, I would paint the table white then you could top it with a black trey and some pops of yellow (?). It will also tie in nicely with the white of the mantle. Afterwards, I would think about getting a rug for the room to anchor everything- probably in a neutral color.

  11. I always lean more towards white, but black would be nice, too.

    I say paint the brass!

  12. I think the dining room table would look great either black or white--I tend to think that the black would really pop against your wall color, though.

    And you can totally paint that fireplace surround--have you ever seen the Southern Hospitality blog? She has painted all sorts of fixtures. I have a link to her on my blog--check it out and she has great instructions. I say paint it!!! :-D