Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Using an empty frame to decorate

My mother-in-law found these cute pictures somewhere and gave them to anybody in the family that wanted one. The cocoa company has the same last name as us, so it's kind of fun to put up on display, even though we have no relation to them.

At first I just put the picture itself up, but then I knew right away, it looked way too lonely up on that big wall all by itself.

Lately a lot of people have been decorating with empty frames, which can look pretty good. So I remembered that I had an old cheap frame in the closet.

I spray painted it with black satin paint, and then 2 coats of gloss spray paint.
Much better!


  1. It looks great! Much better with the frame!

  2. I really like that! It makes a big difference having the larger frame around the print and the wall almost looks like a mat. I love when you find things you already have in your home that work.

  3. Lookin' good! What a huge difference the frame makes.


  4. So cute! It makes it POP!


  5. That is a great addition! We used to have that exact style print on tin that was in our laundry room and I think I might have passed those along to my sister. I'll have to call her... :)

  6. Interesting twist to the traditional framed art, looks great!

  7. Wow! It really pops with the frame around it!